Bechli guesthouse Mecseknádasd

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Bechli guesthouse Mecseknádasd

Do you want a short escape from the noise of everyday life? Do you want a little rest? Visit us to relax and freshen up at Mecseknádasd!


Mecseknádasd is located in the East part of Baranya County, lying between the slopes of Mecsek Hill and its territory. This region belongs to the landscape protecting zone of East-Mecsek. The people living in this area kept their typical German dialect, traditional dances and their professions. The specialty of the settlement's construction lies in the 3 great rows of wine cellars built in the hill. In the Bechli pension, you have a chance to have a quiet and an active rest. The cold water streams cutting through Mecsek's dense forests provide fresh air in the region. Throughout the whole year, there are events that shouldn't be missed, and as well the season of hunting also gives promises for the trophy collectors. There are exhibitions about the history of this region and many historical or religious monuments or ruins can be visited, like: St. Stephens’s chapel, the ruins at Schlossberg from the Turkish era, Réka castle, where St. Margaret of Scotland was born, which can be reached on a beautiful forest trail. Some of the most attractive hiking trails of Mecsek can be reached with a short walk from the accommodation. We recommend you the botanic gardens of Püspökszentlászló, Kisújbánya, the castle of Máré, the peak of Zengő (682 meters), the look-out tower of Cigányhegy, the leaning waterfall or the dripping cliff. You can also easily reach the forest of Gemenc, the river Danube, the cities of Szekszárd, Pécs, Mohács, Szigetvár, Villány, Siklós, Harkány, Pécsvárad, Zengővárkony and all the sights in these cities. On the downs of Mecsek, the Viniculture and the secrets of flavored vine production are inherited from father to son. Every year there is a wine competition held, which has already overgrown the region of East-Mecsek. The old-fashioned atmosphere provided by the wine cellars can grant you some fabulous memories.


At our guesthouse you can find 5 two-bed rooms with separated bathroom, kitchen and dining room, a spacious living room with a fireplace. There is also a separated apartment for four people and the guesthouse can also provide place for smaller events. In our “four-sunflower” ranked inn we are awaiting guests throughout the whole year.

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